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Dealers First Financial, L.L.C.

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Dealers & Vendors

We work with dealers and vendors in multiple states to structure flexible and creative financing solutions for your customers.  We specialize in lease financing transactions from $1000-$150,000.  We are a direct financing source, not a broker, meaning our dealer/vendor customers deal directly with decision makers.  We also maintain and service our own lease portfolio.  We do not sell or transfer our leases, so you’ll deal with the same people on the front end of the transaction, during the lease term and at the end of the lease term.  We strive to create and maintain long term relationships with both our dealer customers and our leasing customers. 

If you’re tired of dealing with the big, impersonal leasing conglomerates, give us a try.  Protect your customers and your upgrades by dealing with a friendly and reputable leasing company.  We’ll work hard to keep you and your customers happy.

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