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About Leasing

Equipment leasing provides a simple and efficient way to acquire both new and used equipment with flexible terms and payments.  Businesses of all sizes, both large public corporations and small privately held companies use lease financing to acquire equipment.  According to the Equipment Leasing Association of America, approximately 80 percent of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment. 

Here are some of the reasons why leasing is preferred when compared to borrowing from a bank or cash payment.

Speed of Credit Approval
Approval is usually accomplished within 24 hours.  Bank approvals typically take several weeks after you furnish extensive financial documentation.

100% Financing
Leases cover 100% of the cost of the equipment and up to an additional 20% of this cost for items such as shipping, installation and software expenses.

Working Capital Conservation
Leasing helps conserve cash and credit lines for your operational needs.

Ease of Budgeting
With leasing, the payments are fixed and not subject to changing interest rates.

Elimination of Equipment Obsolescence
Leasing allows you to update equipment due to improvements in technology and changes in your requirements.

Tax Benefits
Lease payments can be fully tax deductible as an operating expense.  You should consult with your tax advisor for details.